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Join an exceptional, fast-growing team and portfolio. Add your personal strengths and perspectives.

As part of our growing portfolio and ambition, we are planning to expand BITKRAFT with exceptionally smart and passionate talent. We strive to build a diverse team and appreciate applications from all backgrounds.

All positions are full-time and can be performed flexibly from any major city in the Western Hemisphere (with a preference for Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, or Berlin).


You can apply right here. Please find below the positions that we are actively looking to hire for. At BITKRAFT, we think outside the box. You do, too. If you don’t meet all the qualifications, but believe you could add significant value to the team, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Research Analyst

We are looking for a Research Analyst to join our venture team which focuses blockchains technology, DeFi, Layer 1 & Layer 2 solutions, NFTs, GameFi and Metaverse topics. The ideal candidate should have the ability to conduct independent research to compile reports with unique insights. To succeed in this role, candidates should have well-rounded knowledge in finance, economics, technology, data analysis, and genuine interest in cryptocurrencies/ digital assets.

Marketing Specialist

We are looking for a highly passionate, independent marketer to develop SVC's marketing programs and creating marketing content. As a Marketing Specialist, you will take a crucial role in shaping the company’s marketing strategy and brand presence, collaborate with other team members and external stakeholders.

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